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Culture-of-Life Win Thanks to the House

Contrary to Democratic demagoguery, I never thought my every legislative hope and dream would come true this month or in this Congress. But when in our contemporary history has a Speaker of the House made the sanctity of human life such a priority as this one has?

Planned Parenthood and D.C. abortion funding are both spending issues, but also the most fundamental of conscience issues. 

The House got an agreement out of Harry Reid and the White House to prohibit taxpayer funding for abortions in the District of Columbia, and to allow a vote in the Senate over Planned Parenthood funding (and Obamacare). 

We have a radically ideological president when it comes to abortion rights, sadly. This Speaker and his key negotiator, his chief of staff Barry Jackson, by all accounts I’ve heard, fought the good fight until late into today. And while the fight is now over for this weekend, it’s not over in the long term. 

People like Chuck Donovan at Heritage and Helen Alvaré at George Mason have spent decades on Planned Parenthood, abortion funding, and other culture-of-life issues. We’re at a new point, educationally. This has been a milestone Congress thus far for those who care about these issues — and for those who care about responsible fiscal stewardship.

The Speaker and the Republican caucus who stood with him, his team, and his leadership, deserve gratitude tonight. I’m certainly grateful. I think they were smart negotiators. I think the Dems probably made a long-term mistake making Planned Parenthood the story today. I think there will be some revealing hearings to come.

And I can’t wait for the possibility of electing a new president and some new senators who might actually have the House’s back.


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