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Linda Bridges e-mails me:

A dazzling new play has just opened in Manhattan: Richard Vetere’s Machiavelli, a fictional treatment of the great author of The Prince. Hilarious dialogue alternates with brutal action and scenes of love and tenderness as a resourceful Niccolò Machiavelli and his elegant wife, Marietta, fight to protect their family amid Medici intrigues—and they never have to fight harder than when their eldest daughter falls in love with their worst enemy, Lorenzo de’ Medici. The superb small cast is led by James Wetzel and Liza Vann (who, NR readers will want to know, is not only an outstanding actress but also a Buckley niece). Machiavelli is playing at The ArcLight Theatre, 152 West 71st Street; tickets available from or 212-239-6200. For more information, go to


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The Great Elucidator

The Great Elucidator

An inspiring one-hour documentary about the conservative public intellectual Thomas Sowell serves as a superb intro to his thinking.