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Curse of The Bambino

I am not qualified to weigh in on this. But some of you might find it interesting. From a reader in response to today’s column:

Frazee did not sell Ruth to finance No No Nanette.

This is a myth Bostonians tell their kids because it sounds more chilling than: “Frazee sold 15 players over the course of a couple of seasons in order to make money. One of them was Babe Ruth”

This ¾ century+ lie is told in order to further the ridiculous notion that the woes of the Red Sox and the sale of Babe Ruth are somehow related. It’s called sports, some teams win and some teams lose, over and over, for extended periods of time. 75 years from now will anyone care that the Cincinnati Bengals have never won a Super Bowl? Will we talk of “The Curse of the Wychino?” (The curse that plagues any team that allows Sam Wyche to be a head coach)-


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