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Cussing “Like Crickets”

The Washington Post displays a little softness toward the Democrats today in an article worrying about the hard-left grass roots that Howard Dean is massaging, especially how the left ruins the Democratic image on national security. Reporter Dan Balz begins: “The bloggers have been busy on the Democratic National CommitteeWeb site since Howard Dean was elected party chairman a week ago.” He then quotes from “Paul in OC” and “Steviemo in MN” expressing they had just donated to the DNC for the first time.

But Balz helpfully leaves out the title of the DNC blog: “Kicking Ass.” (Not appropriate for a family newspaper?) And the fact that the bloggers there are often quite perverse in their opposition to the Bush team. As participants chewed over the recent debate between Dean and Richard Perle in Oregon, which was interrupted by a screaming heckler throwing a shoe at Perle, one DNC blogger wished for an army of cussing shoe-tossers:

Rose, for a minute you would think I was there! Lying MF this, MF that…. Shoes are flying. They had to carry the guy out, and has he was going, he was still calling Perle a MF liar! Other people objected to his lies as well, but it would have beeen really neat if as soon as one person was dragged out, another would start up. Like Crickets.

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