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A Deal the Democrats Can’t Refuse

Signs at a pro-DACA rally in New York City, January 10, 2018. (Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

Do Democrats care more about the Dreamers than they oppose President Trump’s border wall? In my latest Bloomberg column, I argue that congressional Republicans should put them to the test by offering legal status for these young immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children, in exchange for the border wall.

The context: As Rich noted here recently, some House Republicans are frustrated by the lack of action on the Dreamers following the president’s decision to end DACA, the (constitutionally dubious) Obama-administration program offering them legal protection. They are attempting to engage in a parliamentary maneuver to defy Speaker Ryan and force votes on immigration policy. All this has brought the issue of the Dreamers back to life.

These 20 or so House Republicans are right to be frustrated, and if House leadership doesn’t want this parliamentary move to succeed, they should offer their support for a bill providing legal status for the Dreamers in exchange for the wall.

I flesh this out more in my Bloomberg column. In it, I also discuss why finding a solution for the Dreamers is so important — they add value to the economy, they have come to symbolize America’s attitude towards immigration, they were already offered the hand of welcome by the federal government — apart from the conflict in the House. Whether you agree with the column or not, your comments are very welcome.


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