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Daily Kos: Dems Would Not Win a Drilling Fight

Are conservatives overestimating their strength on the drilling issue? The folks at Daily Kos don’t seem to think so:

There’s no way on God’s green earth to find veto-proof majorities to re-up [the offshore drilling] ban, and no bill George W. Bush won’t veto to stop it. Not a defense bill. Not a continuing resolution to keep the government running. Not a National Motherhood and Apple Pie Day bill. Nothing.

So it’s either flip now and do what you can to save face, or stick it out to the bitter end and lose.

We know how these things go, by now.

Of course, all the Dems who are flipping are flipping in favor of the Gang of Ten’s proposal, which leaves the oil-rich Pacific Coast and much of Florida off-limits.


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