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Daily Mail: U.K. Subways Drop Bacon and Ham from Menu to Comply with Halal

Nearly 200 Subway restaurants across the United Kingdom no longer serve bacon or ham, and will instead serve only halal-prepared meat in an effort to “balance the values of many religious communities,” according to the Daily Mail.

Some 185 participating locations will replace the pork products with turkey versions, and notify customers of their compliance with the Islamic practice of preparing meat with signs reading, “All meats are Halal.”

A Subway spokeswoman told The Blaze that the menu option is part of an effort to “meet consumer demand in each location” and is not taking place in all of Subways in the U.K. (there are about 1,500 nationwide).

“The growing popularity of the Subway chain with the diverse multicultural population across the U.K. and Ireland means we have to balance the values of many religious communities with the overall aim of improving the health and welfare standards of animals,” she said.

The company has been changing its locations’ menus to comply with halal restrictions since 2007, the spokeswoman said, adding that getting rid of pork products at these restaurants was not a “sudden” change.

Halal preparations include requiring that the animal be slaughtered by someone who invokes the name of Allah before slitting the animal’s throat. All blood must be drained from its veins, among other requirements.


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