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Yes, we have read about the Enquirer/Daily News accusations, and I know little more than you do. My heart goes out to Rush Limbaugh if any of it is true (or, if it isn’t), and, though, I can’t blame the media for reporting news (that comes from the National Enquirer), I gotta wonder, as the coverage continues to predictably metastasize, piggybacking on the ESPN tempest: Will someone explain how a president abusing his powers, lying under oath, using an intern for sex in the oval office…it’s all off limits to the public who elected him and at whose pleasure he serves, according to the Left. But a decent guy, a radio talk-show host going deaf (who had a book called Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot written about him, I might add) who might (we don’t know) have gotten himself addicted to painkillers is possibly a career destroyer if he’s a conservative. I’m not excusing anything (and crimes, if there were any, obviously get prosecuted), and I don’t know anything anyway, besides what I’ve read in the Daily News and heard on CNN now (which says he is not a target of criminal investigation), but if there is a blitz upon him, as it seems, it does amaze a little.


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