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Abortion: Do It For Spite!

In response to the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling today, the folks at The Daily Show couldn’t help but do a little end zone dance.

I’m old enough to remember when liberals insisted that abortion was an unfortunate, even tragic, necessity. This was the inspiration behind Bill Clinton’s promise to make abortion “safe, legal and rare.”

Now, apparently, abortion is the kind of thing one should do out of spite. 

Actually, it’s even worse than that. This tweet is aimed at men — and I don’t mean people who simply identify as men, but actual biologically male from birth men. They are saying — yes, yes, in “jest” — that “Bros” should go out and “knock up” women because that will really stick it to those stupid conservatives in Texas. Not only is the abortion a trivial instrumentality for political payback, so is the woman who has to go through an invasive surgical procedure. 

I’m the first to concede that people take offense too easily and that comedians should be given a wide berth. But (a) the joke isn’t funny. And (b) The Daily Show is treated as an organ of “smart liberalism” (admittedly not as much since Jon Stewart left).  Their jokes are a peek behind the curtain at how elite liberals view everyone who doesn’t share their worldview. It seems that some now think that terminating a human life is an act of virtue-signaling political protest, like wearing the ribbon du jour or putting a Darwin fish on your car. It’s disgusting.


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