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Daiquiri Enema, Anyone? How About a Snort of Boilermaker?

Man, I am so old. All I do with my liquor is put it in my mouth and swallow it. From the Examiner:

“Vodka eyeballing” is a fairly new method of alcohol intake thrust into the national spotlight by a London tabloid. Hundreds of YouTube videos document the practice — and every time, the “eyeballer” screams in pain when alcohol meets the eye, whether by way of a shot glass or straight from the bottle. Doctors warn that the practice can lead to blinding.

Gimbel said he is sending out immediate alerts to state police, schools and parents. Three 2009 college graduates living in the District of Columbia told The Washington Examiner that eyeballing was a common party stunt. They said they wished to remain anonymous to avoid being associated with the practice.

“Every time, it was a big spectacle where people were like ‘what the hell is that kid doing,’ ” said one graduate, who compared the feeling to getting shampoo in the eye. Another said he had tried eyeballing a few times.

“It stings for a couple seconds,” he said, adding that snorting bourbon is much more popular.

“It feels like a baseball bat hitting you in the back of the head — for about two to three minutes,” he said of inhaling caps full of the American-style whiskey.


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