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Daley or Rouse?

Via Mike Allen’s “Playbook” on the president’s choice for chief of staff. (annoying caps in original):

A TOP WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL, on whether Bill Daley will be named chief of staff, or whether Pete Rouse will remain: “Rouse/Daley thing still up in the air. The key here is what does Rouse want to do: Does a guy who had planned to leave, and someone who is famously behind-the-scenes, want to do that job for two grueling years? No decisions will be made until the President hears from Pete.” –ANNOUNCEMENT EXPECTED SOON – A LITTLE BIRD in a tall tree: “This is just about done. Staff is being deferential to Pete, but he is totally on board with this plan and is looking forward to getting his old office back.” –ROUSE IS EXPECTED to return to his previous role as a Senior Advisor, at least for awhile.


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