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Dallas, Here I Come

I have news. I’m leaving NR to join the Dallas Morning News as an editorial-writer and columnist. My last day at NR is April 2, and I’ll start at the News on April 10.

I’m excited to be going to Dallas, moving closer to family, and putting down roots. When I wrote this a couple of years ago, I knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before we left our beloved New York. Osama helped push us out the door. My three-year-old, Matthew, thinks Texas is paradise, and is so excited to be moving to the same state that President Bush calls home). There are very good things happening on the News’ editorial page, which recently came under the leadership of a dynamic new editor who identifies herself as a crunchy-con! Besides, how can a conservative (and conservative Catholic) not be excited by living among people who do things like this and this? Verily, verily, thou shalt not mess with Texas.

But I will miss National Review and New York City more than I can express (and maybe I will express it on NRO before I take off for Texas in a couple of weeks). I’ve never had a better job, never been prouder to be associated with a group of journalists, and never lived in as great a city. I can’t do anything about holding on to NYC, but Rich has graciously agreed to allow me to continue contributing to the whole NR/NRO world. So I’ll still be in touch, because I can’t stand to think about losing contact with the most loyal readers in the world.


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