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Damned If They Do…

I love this Clark blames Brit thing. It dovetails nicely with a discussion I heard on NPR this afternoon while driving downtown. Diane Riehm and her callers were deeply vexed that God permits Fox News to exist.

It all reminds me of an essay John Podhoretz wrote a long time ago in which he recounted a story about applying for job at Time magazine. The editor quizzed John about whether, as a conservative, he could keep his ideology in check writing for a journalistic enterprise like Time. If I remember correctly, John replied of course, but have you ever asked liberal journalists if they could check their ideology in the same way? She hadn’t.

There is this amazing congnitive dissonance among liberals which says that liberals can be honest brokers but conservatives cannot. Time, Newsweek, ABC, CBS, etc etc etc etc etc etc, are rife with writers and editors who’ve worked for prominent Democratic politicians or for expressly liberal magazines like Mother Jones, the New Republic, Washington Monthly etc. And yet to suggest that their biases might influence their coverage is considered a right-wing bugaboo. But when conservatives commit journalism it’s supposed to be obvious that they are incapable of playing it straight.