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Dan and The Magical, Mystical Knights??

MRC’s Brent Baker was one of the few, the proud who watched Dan Rather being interviewed by Tina Brown in a session aired Sunday night on CNBC. He reported Rather praised Mary Mapes, the producer of the 60 Minutes story based on forged memos, as “a very good pro,” and insisted that “she’s the kind of professional that the audience should want in television.” Asked by Brown if “after the flap over the National Guard story, do you feel inhibited?”, Rather contended he’s never “inhibited when it comes to news and trying to do fair-minded, accurate reporting on important stories.” Then Brown wanted to know: “What are the realistic chances that you’re going to be able to do a story that really shakes and rattles the Bush administration?” Rather maintained they are “excellent” since “CBS News has a culture, has a history that those of us who work here, it’s very real — that we see it as a sort of magical mystical kingdom of journalistic knights.” At least Rather was aware enough to add: “And I know I can mentally hear people rolling their eyes. That’s the way we feel.”

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