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Dan Rather Still Insists His Anti-Bush Memo Story from 2004 Was True

Here’s Dan Rather, insisting to this day that the Rathergate story was true“Our story was true…They couldn’t attack the truth of the story, so they attacked the process by which we arrived at the truth — was it flawed? Yes, it was flawed. Was it more flawed than it should have been? Yes. Am I responsible for some of that? Yes. This is the point: The story was true. It was true then, it was true now.” 

“Flawed” is an unusual euphemism for a hoax. As the CBS report afterwards detailed, the memos — which Rather and Mary Mapes claimed came from 1972, but perfectly matched the format of 2004-era Microsoft Word  – were never authenticated by document examiners; Rather and his team insisted they had been authenticated by the document examiners when they had not; failed to examine the background of source Bill Burkett; failed to identify the ultimate source of the documents; failed to compare the alleged 1972 memos to existing, verified Texas Air National Guard memos and documents; failed to interview colleagues of the deceased alleged author of the documents; and misled viewers to believing that Texas Air National Guard officials had verified the document.

Rather calls that “flawed”; other people will more accurately label the work a pack of lies.

When last we saw Dan Rather, he was reporting on an alien invasion in the sci-fi movie, “Skyline.”


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