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Dangnabbit (My New Header For All Typo-Fix Posts)

From a reader:


good afternoon. Did you really mean ‘grizzly’ when you said the Japanese tolerate grizzly comic books or ‘grisly’? It struck me as an odd choice for someone I would normally consider quite erudite. Am I missing something?

My answer: No, I wasn’t being clever. Rather, as longtime readers know, I have a big problem with Homonymic typos. It’s always been a problem of mine which I try to fix, but I write very quickly. Mispellings the spell checker catches but, homonyms sale right threw. Here’s how I put it in a 2000 G-File :

Let’s take a moment to deal with typos and other dreck while I watch the last remnants of my once impressive portfolio evaporate into so much mist on Alan Greenspan’s Coke-bottle glasses.

I rarely misspell things outright, but when I do it’s usually something interesting (what’s that sorta from?). Instead, I use homonyms. These are small, gay creatures with furry feet, loosely related to Hobbits. They make wonderful cookies, are very friendly, and write brilliantly on deregulation and other libertarian issues. Know, know. What aye meant to c’est is that two off-10 aye spell words that sound write butt look wrong. It seems that some people actually kick their cats every time I mess up cite versus site. Obviously, a bunch of you need to pile into a van, pull up to the curb in front of my third-grade teacher’s retirement home and deliver some rough tutoring.