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Daniel Schorr

Another e-mail, from another professor, this time Matthew Franck of Radford University:

On this happy, happy day, I just heard Daniel Schorr’s commentary on NPR’s “All Things Distorted” (no Fox News at the office, just radio). Could he bring himself to congratulate the Iraqis on their liberation, or the U.S. and the Coalition for bringing that about? Not on your life. Instead he obsessed about as-yet undiscovered WMDs, saying that Pres. Bush and his advisors were “sweating this one out,” that they would be “embarrassed” if no such weapons are found–that they’d have a lot of ’splainin’ to do about “disrupting the UN inspections process” and “splitting the western alliance” in order to bring about “this destructive war.” So far the most significant way in which this war has been “destructive” is with respect to Saddam Hussein’s tyranny. But somehow Schorr forgot to mention that. Will he eat crow on the air when we do find the weapons we’ve known along Saddam had? I won’t hold my breath.

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