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Darcy Olsen Steps Down at Goldwater

Under her 16 years of leadership, Darcy Olsen turned the Goldwater Institute from a troubled operation into what many hold to be the nation’s premier conservative think tank, and, indeed, America’s best-run and, dollar for dollar, most consequential and emulated center-right outfit. “We need a Darcy Olsen” is a statement that has been uttered by many a conservative organization board member. Among Goldwater’s numerous victories during her tenure are ground-breaking education reform, besting union card-check efforts, stopping taxpayer-funded corporate welfare (John Miller wrote a great 2012 magazine article on Goldwater’s battle against the City of Glendale’s efforts to bankroll the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes franchise), developing “right to try“ legislation for dying patients, and much more (its new efforts are adoption and foster-care reform and creating The American Freedom Network).

Yesterday, Darcy announced she was stepping down as CEO to focus on advocating for children. Good for them — kids could have no better guardian angel. It was a great run at GI. Many kudos to Darcy, a good pal of NR, for all she has done, and for all she is about to do. And we wish the best of luck to Victor Riches, who has big high heels to fill as her successor at Goldwater.

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