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Daryl Hannah: Woman on the Go

Okay, so I read in-flight magazines sometimes. I think they can be hilarious. This week, I picked up a copy of Delta’s Sky magazine while flying back from Minnesota. It features what it says is a transcript of an interview between Denis Hayes and Daryl Hannah. Hayes was a co-founder of Earth Day. Hannah is an actress, a committed environmentalist, the founder of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance, sits on numerous boards, and “even drives a car that runs on recycled french fry oil.” She also “invents board games and toys, keeps bees and rescues stray animals.” She’s depicted in a full-page picture wearing a “unique headdress” that looks like a bit of Middle-Earth chain mail. It’s “made from aluminum can pull tabs” and was a gift “from the Brazilian women who work for Escama Studio.” He sells their hand bags on her website. Here’s the opening of their conversation in which I think she over-shares in response to the question “How are you?”:

Hannah: Hi Dennis

Hayes: Hi Daryl, how are you?

Hannah: Well, sometimes keeping my spirits up can be a challenge, but I’m constantly refueled by my absolute rabid love for this planet and the beauty that I see when I find it. I call my website Lovelife because that’s the thing that constantly refuels my tank when I’m running on empty in terms of hope and optimism. That and across people who are doing amazing work and are incredibly dedicated.

Hayes: Absolutely!


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