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Datebook: Conservatives Gather at Princeton

Later this week, courtesy of Robby George & friends — includes our own Ramesh:


November 30-December 1, 2006

Thursday, 3:30-6:45 p.m.

Friday, 9:15 a.m.-5:45 p.m.

Computer Science 104

The Public Interest and the Making of American Public Policy: 1965-2005

Participants include: William B. Allen, William Bennett, James W. Ceaser, Eric Cohen, John J. DiIulio, Jr., William Galston, Robert P. George, Nathan Glazer, Kay Hymowitz, Ken I. Kersch, William Kristol, John B. Londregan, Harvey C. Mansfield, Wilfred McClay, Lawrence M. Mead, Ramesh Ponnuru ‘95, Diana Schaub, Roger Scruton, Irwin Stelzer, Joseph Viteritti, Murray Weidenbaum, and Adam Wolfson.

A Public Conference.

NRO Staff — Members of the National Review Online editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”


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