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Dating Site: ‘Don’t Get Screwed by Obamacare,’ Get on the Sugar Daddy Insurance Plan

For young women who are seeing their health-care premiums spike under Obamacare, a website that connects young women with older, wealthy men has an idea: Find a sugar daddy. is a controversial site that helps young women seeking ”help” “mentally, emotionally, and financially” find older men to act as their “benefactors.” Their latest marketing ploy: Young women can avoid the costs of the president’s health-care law by going on the “Sugar Daddy Insurance Plan.”

“Don’t worry about penalties or added costs due to the Affordable Care Act,” the advertisement says, noting that young women will see substantial increases in their premiums due to the law. But never fear: “The average Sugar Baby on receives $3,000 [a] month from her Sugar Daddy.” 

CBS of Dallas/Fort Worth reports that the online dating website will be putting up a billboard in Dallas on Wednesday with a similar message.

The publicity campaign also included a video (entertaining, but somewhat explicit) featuring a sleazy guy talking to potentially female clients. “Why settle for a horrible government site that doesn’t work?” he asks. A sugar daddy can cover “all your premiums.”

The site said the marketing campaign was inspired by an 83 percent increase in mentions of the word “healthcare” on women’s SeekingArrangement profiles since the health-care law debuted on October 1.

Via BuzzFeed.


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