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The other night, David Brock said some interesting things to a group of Democratic donors in California. Brock, as you know, is Hillary Clinton’s other Sid, so to speak. He said that his organization is sitting on damning information about Donald Trump — in order to release it in the fall, if Trump is the Republican nominee. Trump has not been “vetted” by rival Republican candidates or the press, Brock said. And his organization has enough info to “knock Trump Tower down to the sub-basement.”

Politico has the story, here.

Why are Brock and his people sitting on this stuff? Because they want Trump to be the nominee, of course. Hillary Clinton is a very problematic candidate. She has more baggage than Samsonite. Trump is a dream for the Democrats.

Brock said that his people are “building a database of all the regular people — from unpaid vendors to harassed tenants to defrauded students at Trump University — who got screwed over for one reason only: They took Trump at his word.”

Trump has run the same con, over and over. Maybe people like being conned? This is a big, mysterious question, above my pay grade, as a certain president said. Anyway, David Brock is not the most credible character who ever came down the pike. But collecting dirt on Donald Trump? That does not sound like the most difficult task that ever came down the pike.

Trump has boasted that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any of his support. True. But while his support may be enough to crater the Republican party and conservatism, it is probably not enough to do much else.

To be continued, sadly . . .


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