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David Brock to NYT: Hie Thee to Hell, Foul Demons!

Apparently David Brock has a new book coming out taking dead aim at the New York Times. That’s not surprising. Brock’s whole shtick at Media Matters has been to work the refs for Hillary Clinton. Sure, they’ve expended some effort on Barack Obama’s behalf, too. But that was to maintain their credibility with the Left, and besides, they needed to do something while waiting for Hillary’s coronation.

Anyway, in Politico’s write-up we learn that among Brock’s biggest complaints is that the Times wouldn’t run a Clinton campaign spokesman’s response to a story in full:

The 52-year-old Brock singles out [Carolyn] Ryan, who directs the Times’ political coverage, for refusing to publish in full a Clinton spokesman’s response to the paper’s March scoop detailing Clinton’s use of a “homebrew” email server instead of her official State Department email account.

And people still call Brock and his outfit “media watchdogs” or “media critics.” I am perfectly willing — heck, eager! — to concede that the Times is unfair to politicians sometimes (though it’s hard for me to see how anyone not on crack would think they’re more unfair to Democrats). But how often does it let campaign spokesmen run their full responses? Brock’s complaint boils down to the fact that the Clintons are special, they deserve special treatment, and when they don’t get it, journalistic ethics have somehow been violated. Oh and not just journalistic ethics, but deep and serious moral precepts are at play.

Which brings me to my favorite line from the Politico piece:

“As it concerns Clinton coverage, the Times will have a special place in hell,” he writes, claiming that interviews with current Times employees prove his case.

Yeah, yeah, I understand it’s just an expression. But, still: I love the idea that people — or in this case a newspaper — will be sent to hell for not covering the Clintons reverentially enough. But not just the Stygian gen pop, where the run-of-the-mill pedophiles, murderers, amd rapists and the executives who canceled Firefly mill about. They will get a special place in hell, because few things are more threatening to your eternal soul than covering Whitewater too much or failing to put Lanny Davis’s quotes above the fold.

And, if you’re skeptical about all this, take heed. Brock has interviews with Times employees that make his case. I can’t wait to see those transcripts. “Oh yeah, we’re definitely going to burn for all eternity. I mean, we covered Sandy Berger shoving classified information in his pants like it was a news story, even though the Clintons didn’t want us to. Oh, yeah, we will burn.”


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