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David Cameron, Wrong Again

Britain’s increasingly embattled Tories remind us yet again that the main reason to vote for them is the fact that they are not Labour. London’s Heathrow Airport badly needs another runway, Britain badly needs the jobs it would bring, but as the Daily Telegraph has just reported:

Plans for a third runway at Heathrow Airport have been thrown into confusion after the High Court ruled that the proposal must be reconsidered…A coalition of groups including Greenpeace, the Campaign to Protect Rural England and six local authorities had brought the case, arguing that expanding the airport would breach Britain’s legally-binding climate change targets…

The Conservatives oppose the building of the third runway, and are instead planning to put Heathrow at the heart of a new high-speed rail network. David Cameron, the Tory leader, said: “The policy is in tatters. They made the wrong judgment about this, we made the right judgment.

“We said the third runway shouldn’t go ahead, we were absolutely clear about that.

“There is no case for it on environmental grounds, there is no strong business case for it.

Cameron is talking nonsense. Nothing new there.


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