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A Stand-Up Double!!

A most generous friend of National Review Institute has taken a big fancy to our efforts to raise $100,000 to fund the Center for Unalienable Rights, which NRI senior fellow David French (do you listen to his marvelous, weekly The Liberty Files podcast?) will be spearheading for the purpose of defending those hallowed and fundamental things — free speech, free worship, open debate, tolerance, due process, and more — under relentless attack by the leftist, shoot-first Thought Police. This campaign ends July 31, so we are hoping those who want to see NR and NRI even more fully engaged on behalf of those Creator-endowed rights will decide to contribute, which can be done here. As for that generous friend: He will match, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000, any contributions that arrive between now and next Monday.

Why give? Well, there is that incentive. But there’s more, too. Over the next months, as the center comes into true fruition, David will be traveling to the hot spots of the battle against determined multiculturalism — namely, college campuses — where he will defend free speech and invigorate students who have been besieged by indoctrinating leftist professors. In addition to his regular writings on the topic and the podcast, he will work with NRI staff to join with state-based conservative groups and think tanks who are at the forefront of fighting local leftist efforts to grow the aggrandized and insatiable state, to undermine our traditions and norms, to appease the Left’s gluttonous appetite for power (and to ensure its role as a 21st-century vanguard of the proletariat). That’s why we need a Center for Unalienable Rights.

We’re counting on you to stand alongside us on the ramparts and in the foxhole. Your donation to NRI will be tax deductible. Please make it here.

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