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Will You Have the Back of Free Speech?

The good folks at National Review Institute are determined to hold the line against the leftist onslaught against free speech, free worship, open debate, tolerance, due process, and all the other tenets that comprise those unalienable rights upon which our republic is founded. Hence the founding of the Center for Unalienable Rights, to feature the freedom-defending efforts and elucidating analysis (you must listen to The Liberty Files podcast) of NRI fellow David French. There is an objective: raising $100,000 by July 31. This will fund just some of the project. To date, very good people have contributed some $32,000 to help launch the Center. There’s still a ways to go over the next few days.

These too are the times that try men’s souls, so I’m hoping that all Francophiles, or anyone who is torqued by the madness of the multiculturalists and the shoot-first Thought Police, might see their way to making some contribution (tax deductible!) to this important effort. You can do so here.