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Exercising Our Right . . .

 . . . to remain silent. Yeah, liberals are all about Miranda — for conservative academics.

That crazed and truly illiberal campaign is just one of the many broad reasons why National Review Institute is launching the Center for Unalienable Rights, created to be the home of free-speech warrior David French, whose new podcast, The Liberty Files, is a must-listen for anyone who cares deeply about combating the leftist assault on the First Amendment, whether on our campuses or in any other place patrolled by the ruthless Thought Police.

Would you please help NRI launch the Center with a tax-deductible contribution, which you can make safely and securely here? We are seeking to raise $100,000 between now and July 31st (thanks to the generous supporters who so far have contributed nearly $20,000).

The Left wants to gag, marginalize, intimidate, shut up, and, if they can, even criminalize conservatives for what we think and what we say. We intend to fight the intolligentsia, in a more focused way. We intend to beat the determined enemies of our unalienable rights. Help us prevail.


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