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In response to Readers Weigh In

. . . to what Rich said about David French. He represents the best of America — at a time when the country is in sore need of reminding about what this is. I don’t know whether he’ll offer himself for president. But if he did, it would be like the introduction of garlic into a year of political vampires. (Yes, David, I’m comparing you to garlic.) It would be like a shaft of sun in a dank, creepy cellar.

I guess you can tell I admire him. He’s not only an officer and a gentleman — and other things — he’s right about the important issues facing the country and world, and the unimportant ones, too.

I’ve been a Reaganite. And a Cruzer. I can certainly be a Frenchman. To echo what someone said on Twitter, I stand ready to join the French Resistance.

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