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David Gergen 360

MRC’s Ken Shepherd alerts me that David Gergen was on “Anderson Cooper 360″ last night. What a perfect guest for that program, since Gergen will take a position from any angle, depending on how it will benefit him. Well, it seems Gergen is already positioning for another job in another Clinton White House with the way he insisted Hillary has always been a strong social conservative:

I see her in — she’s very consistent what she’s always believed. She’s always had strong religious faith. She’s been a strong Methodist. She does have conservative social values on many issues. But, of course, she’s bringing those to the fore. And I think what’s really remarkably interesting, Anderson, is that in the early days of her first ladyhood [sic], she sometimes could be tone-deaf. I think she’s shown remarkable progress as a political leader, and in listening more and being able to respond in a better way to the political dialogue. She’s a much, much better politician today than she was half a dozen years ago. And I think that makes her a more formidable candidate.

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