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David Gregory Investigation Concludes; Goes to Attorney General

The Washington Metropolitan Police have concluded their investigation of Meet the Press host David Gregory for brandishing a high-capacity gun magazine on the air last month, and have turned the case over to D.C.’s Office of the Attorney General for “a determination of the prosecutorial merit of the case.” 

By possessing the 30-round magazine, Gregory violated the district’s “high capacity” ban, which is any magazine with at least ten rounds. As Emily Miller at The Washington Times noted though, D.C. police arrested 105 other people in 2012 on “high capacity” possession charges. Much the discussion surrounding the Gregory episode wasn’t if the law itself was a good one, but whether Gregory’s case would be treated differently because of his celebrity status.

According to Miller, the attorney general’s office may come to a decision to prosecute Gregory by sometime this week. If they decide to, a warrant for Gregory’s arrest would be issued.


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