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Matters Horowitzian

Yesterday, I did a Q&A podcast with David Horowitz. We headed this one “A Bracing Taste of Horowitz.” You may argue that there are no unbracing tastes of Horowitz. You would have a good argument. David does not come mild, unless he’s having a strange day.

(Actually, David can be quite lyrical and reflective, as I’ve pointed out many times — even sentimental. There is more than one note on his keyboard.)

Speaking of matters Horowitzian: I have the honor of appearing at the David Horowitz Freedom Center tomorrow. That’s in L.A. For information, go here. I’ll be talking about my book about the sons and daughters of dictators, Children of Monsters. And about anything else people may wish to discuss.

P.S. As I’ve written before, I tend to like Horowitzes — Vladimir, the Three Stooges (nés Horowitz), Winona Ryder (née Horowitz), and David. I even made time for Irving Louis Horowitz, the late sociologist (and no conservative, of course).


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