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I had a fine old time. The campus is very pretty. Davidson clearly has piles of cash because the room I spoke in was one of the nicest university auditorium-theaters I’ve ever seen, it’s only drawback was that it made the crowd seem small and, oddly, gay. I’m kidding about the gay part. My speech was largely extemporaneous because I was told I could talk about anything and so I departed mightily from my “prepared” remarks. I also talked wayyy too long which I felt bad about because it meant I couldn’t chat with many of the NROniks afterwards.

I stayed in the guest house which is a converted library built by Andrew Carnegie, like 8 kajillion other libraries in this country (damn those selfish robber barons!). Everyone, including the transplants, brimmed with Southern hospitality. Thanks to the College Republicans and everybody else for a nice visit.


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The Great Elucidator

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