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This Is the Dawning of the Age of Perspective

One of my more sensible correspondents from the left emails in to object to my criticisms of Clinton’s gaffe-prone European tour. He makes a few not totally invalid points about the facts involved before concluding:

Seriously, can you try for one brief moment to reflect a little and get some perspective?

At least with the Clinton post below, my sarcasm was a tad secondary to the point that criticism would have been overwhelming if Bush had made the same mistakes Hillary did. Ironically, the call for “perspective” on my end seems to indicate a lack of exactly that. But hey, being in power is tough and when you make mistakes you bear the responsibility and, egads, you even get criticized. So it’s nice to see that it hasn’t even been two months and we’re already moving on from the Era of Hope and Change. As Obama mistakes mount, welcome to the Era of Perspective!


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