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“The Day After Tomorrow”

Dishonest crap, apparently.

Here’s the ’skeptical environmentalist,’ Bjorn Lomborg, a believer, incidentally, in global warming, writing in the Daily Telegraph on the new eco-thriller (eco-chiller?), a movie with an agenda that includes the promotion of the disgusting and destructive Kyoto Treaty:

“If politicians were to see The Day After Tomorrow and act on its agenda, what would happen? Implementing the Kyoto agreement on climate change would cost at least $150 billion each year, yet would do no more than postpone global warming for six years by 2100. That is to say, it would cause temperatures to increase slightly more slowly – the temperature we would have reached in 2100 without Kyoto, we would now reach in 2106. Those families in Bangladesh who will get flooded will have an extra six years to move. Even if the film’s creators are right – and the scientists are wrong – and the Gulf Stream current does collapse within a decade, then Kyoto would have made no difference.

“There is another reason why it is wrong – I would even say amoral – to overplay the case for combatting climate change. We cannot do everything. Our resources are limited, and our attention is quickly diverted from one fashionable cause to another. We must ask ourselves if spending $150 billion every year for the rest of the century to postpone warming for six years is really the best use of that money.

“For the cost of implementing Kyoto in just one year, we could permanently provide clean drinking water and sanitation to everyone on the planet. Of course it is unlikely that Emmerich will cast Brad Pitt as a sewage engineer in Kenya for his next glamorous movie. Nor are there many good plotlines to be made from tales of a government which invests in malarial vaccines, or of a global conference called to remove trade barriers. But these are real options that policy-makers face every time they spend a dollar with the intention of easing human suffering.

“The world needs a rational basis for making such priorities.”

And that does not include this hysterical and dishonest movie, a film, incidentally that has been tacitly endorsed by the hysterical and dishonest Al Gore.


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