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Day After Tomorrow

I agree with these sentiments in an email about my column on the movie:

“These things come to mind about the movie:

How dumb is it that they argue over which books to burn, but never think of burning the library furniture?

Why are audience members so gleeful to see the US brought low, to see us escaping to Mexico, to see us need aid from other countries? Some people laughed so hard at those scenes (as well as the ones with the VP) I think they were trying to let those around them know they got the “joke” or “irony” or whatever it was supposed to be (Manhattan audience, BTW). Are they totally ignorant of how much aid the US has supplied to much of the world for years?

Also, I confess to finding myself stuck in 9/11. I couldn’t watch LA be destroyed w/o weeping. It’s far too soon.”


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