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Day Two of Steyn’s ‘Human Rights Tribunal’

Just a reminder — today is day two of the politically correct goat rodeo “Human Rights Tribunal” in British Columbia which will decide whether or not Mark Steyn’s and Maclean’s magazine can, in fact, exercise free speech.

I’d also point you again to Andrew Coyne’s blog — he’s been in a windowless, uh, “court” trying to make sense of the quasi-legal proceedings which are hilariously inept. They’re literally making up rules of evidence as you go along, and it’s as tragic as it is entertaining. This bit from yesterday was par for the course:

3:50 PM

Back from a break, as the tribunal members wrestle with yet another ruling on admissibility in the absence of rules of evidence. They’ve decided again to sort-of admit questioning about the “impact,” not of Steyn’s article, but of various, mostly obscure blogs who were allegedly “inspired” by Steyn’s piece. Understand: we’re now to be subjected to the state’s inquisition, not for anything that appeared in the magazine, but for whatever lunatic ramblings might appear anywhere in the blogosphere!

3:58 PM

And of course, as McConchie is pointing out, the tribunal has already ruled that it doesn’t have jurisdiction over internet posts…

3:59 PM


4:10 PM

Now we’re into, not even blogs, but comments left on a YouTube post. Is bathroom grafitti next?


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