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D.C. Cigars

The Washington Post has an item on the best places in D.C. to smoke cigars. It’s not a very good list. It mentions — as I suppose it must — Shelley’s Back Room, which is overpriced, overrated, and poorly ventilated. It mentions Morton’s, which is a delightful spot, though if you’re going to pay through the nose to have a drink and cigar, the deck at the nearby Jefferson Hotel is great, too. 

What offends me about the Post item, though, is that it doesn’t mention Signature Cigars, specifically the one on Wisconsin Avenue. That’s been my office away from the office for several months now (I used to hang out at Bethesda Tobacco, also not mentioned by the Post and also great for day time working and relaxing). Not only is Signature Cigars comfortable and extremely friendly (though sometimes MSNBC is on the TV too much; not all patrons share the same politics), they have the single best cigar selection in the District. I’ve never gone there at night, though I’m told it’s hopping (they don’t serve booze but apparently you can bring it). My hunch is that the omissions in the Washington Post were intended as a sop to Georgetown Tobacco, a venerable D.C. institution to be sure, but also an overrated one. Anyway, if you’re ever in the neighborhood drop in and check the place out. And by all means, tell them Jonah sent you.


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