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Dc Panhandlers–Follow-Up

Readers have regaled me with much better stories of their encounters with DNC streetwalkers. From one reader in D.C.:

I have found it most enjoyable to put the burden of proof on them. The key is to avoid anything remotely confrontational or partisan or they automatically turn into Righteous Angry Kids. When they ask, “Hi! Would you like to help defeat George Bush?”, I pretend to have been living on another planet and respond with, “The President? Why? What’s he done wrong?” The sputtering and eye-widening alone is priceless-but the payoff really comes when I ask them to give me an example and they find themselves a few sentences into an illogical and unsupportable allegation. I don’t let on though-I keep a poker face as long as I can , accented by a few Socratic questions. Once they’re softened up, a quick peppering with statistics or facts leaves them absolutely bewildered.

The best one was when the volunteer told ME that she didn’t have time to talk right now!

Please feel free to share your stories with us. Makes for good weekend entertainment. And remember, clever is better than foul.