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De Blasio’s New York Sees 8 Percent Increase in Shootings

As of June 30, New York City has seen an 8 percent increase in the number of shooting incidents since last year. According to an NYPD report, there are been 521 incidents so far this year, compared with 482 during the same span of time in 2013.

Former NYCPD officer and security expert Lou Palumbo believes this increase is the result of the abandonment of the city’s “stop-and-frisk” policy. If the question is whether there is a correlation between higher violence and the NYPD’s curtailment of the policy, he said on CNN, “the answer is unequivocally yes.”

He recalled that when Bill Bratton became NYC police commissioner 20 years ago, there were over 2,200 homicides in the city annually, which they were then able to reduce to about 500 per year. “Stop-and-frisk was one of the most effective tools that was implemented,” he said. “That’s the statistical truth.”

Palumbo acknowledged that there has been a lag between when stop-and-frisk was seriously curtailed — in the final year or so of the Bloomberg administration — and the increase in shootings. “It takes a little bit of time until it filters to the street that the police are in the hands-off mode,” he explained.

“The simple truth of the matter is the individuals that carry out these acts with firearms realize now that the police have been instructed to lay off,” Palumbo said. “They have no fear or reticence about carrying weapons.”


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