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De Blasio’s Wife Arrives an Hour Late to First Post-Inauguration Speaking Gig

New York mayor Bill de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, showed up to her first post-inauguration speaking gig an hour late, the New York Post reports.

Instead of participating at a town-hall-style event in the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn as she was scheduled to, McCray opened the even with a ten-minute speech before promptly leaving.

McCray is not the only one in the family known for tardiness. De Blasio was late so many times during his campaign that a Twitter account (now defunct) was formed to chronicle his delays with such tweets as “Dec. 4, names first deputy mayor. 31 minutes late.” In October, Politicker noted that de Blasio is not a morning person and that, while public advocate, he left “staffers waiting for hours outside his home or [showed] up late to morning events he had been scheduled to attend.”

On Monday, the mayor’s office hired former Al Sharpton aide Rachel Noerdlinger as McCray’s chief of staff for a salary of $170,000, supporting rumors that McCray is looking for a more official role in City Hall.


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