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Dealing with Clipboard People

I have already had a good amount of mail about clipboard people — people, political activists, mainly young, who stand on sidewalks with clipboards and stop you to jaw about politics and get you to sign something. In my column today, I write about my experiences with these clipboardists in New York (and Salzburg). They are all over, apparently. I have received mail from and about Dayton, Chicago, Flagstaff . . .

Thought you might enjoy this one: 

Mr. Nordlinger –

Hello! [Hello!] I was taking classes in Chicago and would encounter the clipboard phenomenon. It would be the middle of the winter, water in the streets and snow on the ground, and I would walk just trying to keep from freezing in the wind. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a person wearing a parka would appear and start asking whether I wanted to do something about global warming. I’d say, “We could use some about now!”

Flip, maybe, but fun.