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Dealing with Kim

Look, it may be that I’m getting punchy after a day spent reading about Kim Jong Il and the nuke he may or may not have tested, but here’s what I’m thinking.

This repulsive psychopath runs a country sunk deep in beggary, a country that produces nothing of value and gives no kind of life to its people.  Millions of them have in fact starved while Kim has been sitting in his palace swilling vintage cognac and boffing movie actresses.  Unknown hundreds of thousands are enduring indescribably horrible conditions in labor camps.

Now he’s got us all talking and fretting, re-jigging our strategy and alliances to take account of him, distracting our attention from matters far more important than this creep and his ruined junkyard of a country.

This is embarrassing, humiliating, and ignoble.  We should not be giving ten minutes thought to Kim Jong Il and his nasty little despotism.  We should not put up with Kim any longer.  Let’s just kill the swine.  How hard can it be?


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