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Dean The Christian

NRO’s Meghan Gurdon e-mails with a rewind on Dean on Christianity:

Ever since I read the news…that

Howard Dean is going to sell himself south of the Mason-Dixon line as a

“committed Christian,” I have been bothered by an appalling thing I heard

Dean say…one morning when, as it happened, I was on my way to

Mass. He was chattering away about being “spiritual, really,” and then said

– drumroll, please — “I consider myself a Christian in the best sense of

the word.”

In the BEST sense of the word! Unlike what other sense, Howard? Now he’s

recasting himself, and it’s sickening. He was sneering at Christianity for

the with-it crowd, and I would love for every Christian voter — the very

people who will understand exactly how sneering the comment is, unlike, say,

TV news hosts — to hear it.

Here’s the exchange, caught by a blogger, too. He also talked about leaving his church over a bicycle path in the interview (Jay Nordlinger highlighted the bike-path controversy here).

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