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Dean – Correction

I’ve gotten a lot of email from Dean supporters saying I got it wrong about his “gaffe” with the Hispanic questioner. Apparently Dean had conflated answers to two different questioners. His reference to “your income level” was a reference to a previous question. I relied on the Hotline for the facts, something I am — and will continue to be — completely comfortable doing. The Hotline, if you didn’t know, is an entirely non-partisan Washington tipsheet owned by the National Journal (which costs quite a bit to subscribe to). But in this case they got it wrong and therefor so did I.

What I find hilarious, however, is the near hysteria of the Dean emailers. I can’t print many of them because of the language. But here’s two that will give you the flavor:

Mr. Goldberg,

Here is the woman’s question on Medicare from the recent Democratic debate:

“QUESTION: Yes. Forgive me for having to read this.

I am a stroke survivor, I am disabled and on a fixed income. For seven

months I went without prescription medication because we cannot afford supplemental insurance to my Medicare.

I chose food over medicine. How can you assure me and the many other voters — there’s millions like me — that you empathize with my hardship and as president you will make certain this won’t happen to any other American? Thank you.”

She said she was on a fixed income, and Dean remembered that when he answered the question. FIXED INCOME. You were WRONG when you called Dean’s answer racist responding to a Latina. Are you going to correct your gross error? I didn’t think so. It would just spoil your record of spreading untruths. You and your ilk are what make this country rotten.


[Name withheld]

And this one sent to the Corner:

Jonah obviously couldn’t be bothered to track multiple questioners and a multi-part response from Gov. Dean. Hint, Jonah-boy, read the transcript and see if you can spot your error. Or was it an error, and not a spin-driven lie????


[Name withheld],


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