The Corner

Dean Drops

A New Hampshire resident writes:

Apparently Deaniacs are still going door to door, even in my small town

about 1 hour from Manchester. I arrived home from shopping today to find a

large yellow manila envelope in my mailbox. Sealed with a giant Dean

campaign sticker, the envelope contained:

*1 DVD titled “Howard Dean for America–Fulfilling the Promise of America”

*1 nicely designed trifold color brochure proclaiming that “This is a

campaign to unite and empower Americans . . .to move the insiders out and

let the people in!” The brochure features such positive messages as “I know

what’s wrong with America.” My favorite excerpt: “As a medical doctor, I

have been trained to diagnose an illness and prescribe the proper treatment.

I have frequently applied the same techniques as a Governor.”

*2 copies of NH newspaper endorsements (the Sunday Sentinel, whatever that

is, and newspapers of the Salmon Press, whatever that is).

*1 page titled “Why Howard Dean is the Best Candidate to Defeat Bush,” with

lists of his supposed advantages and some old pre-Iowa charts comparing him

to other candidates in terms of popularity.

If I weren’t an Evil Conservative, I would feel a little sorry for Dean. I

think he knows he is in deep quicksand. But at least he’s fighting.