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Dean’s Apology

This column in the Boston Globe suggests that New Hampshire has a habit of forgiving politicians who apologize for their shortcomings. What might such a Dean apology look like? “I’m sorry I pretended for a year straight to be an outrageous left-wing populist just because that seemed to be the best way to gain on the rest of the Democratic field. Please forgive me. I’m sorry that I have routinely said stupid things, and resorted to the worst sort of demagogery in attacking President Bush and my Democratic rivals. Can’t we let bygones be bygones? I’m sorry I said the U.S. wasn’t safer after we captured Saddam, sorry for calling for steep middle-class tax increases, and sorry for flip-flopping on Medicare, NAFTA, and sundry other issues. We all make mistakes. I mis-spoke when I said ‘YAAAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH.’ That came out wrong. What I really meant was `Congratulations, Sen. Kerry.’ Sorry about that. In considering whether to accept my apology or not, please consider on the positive side of the ledger that I am genuinely arrogant and intemperate–I would never mislead the American people about that.”

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