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Dean’s Super Spin

Statement by Roy Neel on the Nomination Contest

BURLINGTON–Dean for America’s Roy Neel issued the following statement tonight:

“After tonight’s election results come in only 10 percent of the delegates for the Democratic nomination will be chosen. The voices of millions

of Americans in states like Wisconsin, Washington, California, New York and Florida, have yet to be heard. Dean for America’s Roy Neel issued the following statement today:

“We always knew fighting the powerful special interests would be tough. That is why we have prepared ourselves to continue the fight to change America’s politics and change Washington.

“Democrats want to send the strongest possible candidate against George Bush in November. Howard Dean has energized hundreds of thousands of passionate new voters, new activists in this battle. And he is the only Democrat to carry the powerful message of change since this campaign began.

“If we are going to change Washington we have to send the candidate of change against Bush and his corporate cronies.

“This campaign will continue to fight for ordinary Americans who want to end the influence of special interests and restore respect for this public interest.

“It’s way too early for a coronation of the candidate who has taken in more special interest money than any other candidate.”


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