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Dear Indiana Republicans: It’s Not That Hard to Survive a Hatestorm

In response to A Step Back For Feminism

As Quin Hillyer notes, it looks like Indiana Republicans are in the process of “clarifying” their perfectly acceptable, easily defensible religious liberty law — all in the face of a hatestorm that is loud and furious but ultimately empty and powerless. 

By now, Republicans should know this drill. Any move to protect religious liberty, restrict abortion, or to keep men from playing women’s sports is likely to be met with a Twitter avalanche, calls for boycotts, dozens of hours of breathless MSNBC coverage, and a full Mainstream Media news cycle of outrage.

But so what?

If Republican politicians can’t effectively defend a basic religious-freedom law from a fundamentally misleading far-Left attack, answering lies and fury with truth and firm conviction, then we need new Republican politicians. After all, your base stands with you, your critics are largely not your voters, and — even better — they’re far more vulnerable than you are.

Will you listen to even one minute of moral instruction from the NCAA, an organization notable mainly for reaping billions of dollars of rewards from the unpaid labors of its athletes, who are often poor and minority? 

And will you give the slightest credibility to the two minutes hate from and Apple, two companies who are only too eager to do business in China, a nation with a truly shameful human-rights record? 

As for Apple, don’t listen to another word from Tim Cook so long as he continues to produce iPhones and iPads at plants with worse working conditions and lower wages than any Indiana workplace, places so bleak that Chinese bosses actually placed suicide nets beneath high windows.

Why not have the courage of your convictions and stand by those until the voters — not Twitter — hold you accountable? Remember, the Left doesn’t always properly gauge public opinion on matters of life and liberty.

Just ask Governor Wendy Davis.


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