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“A Death Wish”

This was some of Rush earlier today:

You think I ought to be happy that there’s conservatism out there. I’m not happy my own party wants to get rid of it. I’m mad that my own party wants to cast conservatism aside. I know there’s plenty of conservatism out there. That’s the source of the frustration. But conservatism by itself cannot move things. It needs a political party. In our political structure, it is parties that get things done. The Republican Party was the home of conservatism, and it still is. But the people that run the Republican Party right now are trying to get rid of it. And it’s a death wish. It is an absolute death wish. And I’ll tell you, if they happen to win, if the Republicans happen to win in November — ‘cause, look, as I said earlier, we’re not going to vote for socialist Obama. He’s a full-blown ignoramus, embarrassingly uninformed about crucial things. We’re not going to vote for this guy. We’re not going to vote for Hillary. We wouldn’t vote for Algore. For some of us the question is, are we going to vote at all? But it’s entirely possible, this newly constituted Republican Party which stands for nothing but liberalism lite might end up winning because a lot of the country might look at this socialist bunch the Democrats are offering and say pooey, and want no part of it, and then where are we?

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