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Debate Preview

After two presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate with no mention of one of the nation’s most pressing policy issues, we might get a question on immigration tonight. This is from last night’s Hannity & Colmes interview with Bob Schieffer:

HANNITY: We will talk about what other issues would be things that we could expect or anticipated that are going to be asked tomorrow night?

SCHIEFFER: Well, I think the overriding question is safety. Do we feel safe in our homes? And I think that’s very much a domestic issue. So I will try to frame some question along that line.

I think we have the various cultural issues that can be discussed. I’ll tell you, frankly, and I’m not giving away anything here. I think immigration is a hidden issue. I have gotten more e-mail, Sean, from our viewers saying, “Ask about immigration.” So I’m trying to frame a question along those lines.


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